Rebecca Brand Creates Full Social Media Packages

for Companies Wanting to Sell on Any and All Platforms: Instagram, InstagramTV, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and OTT Digital such as AppleTV, AmazonTV, FireStick, Roku, and More!

Example:  Appliance company integration within a recipe - Honeywell evaporative cooler with a copy-cat hamburger recipe - 100,000 views.  From the Youtube video, further shortened social media videos were created to place on many platforms - Facebook, InstagramTV, Twitter, LinkedIn - and over the top (OTT) devices.  See examples below.


NewAir - Portable Air Conditioner

EnviroKlenz - Mobile Air System

Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances - Featured within videos THAT GO VIRAL.

Perfect Bed, Perfect Mattress

HOUSEHOLD:  Casper Mattress

This is a video made for Casper Mattress that went viral - 650,000 views in 2 years! 

It's an endorsement for this great mattress company, done in Rebecca's infectious style. But with a twist, as she also teaches you how to make a perfect bed.

Anyone's product can really benefit, from our mix of family friendly comedy, charm and of course beautiful shots along side in-depth descriptions of your products!


Rebecca's at it again, this time for this incredible skin care line from Japan.  

This video is sponsored by the newly innovative company that brings top of the line skin care products into the market. Using unique shots to bring out the slick beautiful bottles of this product and Rebecca's patented charm this video sells on so many levels!


Water Bottle - Bone Broth Recipe

Rebecca created this fantastic bone broth recipe to sell an insulated beverage bottle.

In it she creates a fantastic recipe, and endorses this great product, and guess what? It worked!

This video has 250,000 views and climbing!

Favorite Products to Shed Pounds!

FAVORITES VIDEOS: Grouping products together, HAUL Style

Not all clients need or want a full dedicated video, if so, one of Rebecca's "Favorites Videos" is a perfect marketing fit!

In these videos, Rebecca features only products that she fully endorses, and as such she can always give clients, and fans, Great, Targeted, and Informative Reviews. 

Fit & Fresh - Bento Box

Rebecca is an expert in healthy kid's lunches, and she uses that to her full advantage to market this "bento" style kid's lunchbox.

In this fantastically delicious recipe, Rebecca not only gives great tips for making lunch time more enjoyable, she also effortlessly conveys the versatility and quality of the Fit & Fresh Bento Box.

Healthy Meals in Stylish Containers

Tasty Style: Short Recipes for Products

Veggie Ramen

Cold Brew Coffee

Turkey Chili

 Products in Videos to SELL