Rebecca has a number of shows on Turner Broadcasting System, Adult Swim. Here a few examples:

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Comic Con, San Diego//Comic Con NYC 2016

To round out her many great collaborations with Adult Swim in 2016, Rebecca traveled to both the San Diego and New York Comic Cons to appear on and star in several fantastic productions during both Conventions!

At each show, she was at her zany and hilarious best, having various costume-clad attendees cook with irons. 

May 2018 Dialing For Dollars - Daily Live Game Show

Rebecca Brand was hired to be the gameshow host of Dialing for Dollars, Adult Swim's first ever gameshow on television! 

Based on the 1960's show of the same name, Dialing for Dollars is an ad-retention show with the purpose of re-directing viewers to Adult Swim's digital livestream broadcasting. 

Rebecca works out of Adult Swim's Burbank studios where she performs daily, calling viewers with the opportunity to win the daily jackpot.  


Iron Cook

In Iron Cook, which is a featured weekly segment on FishCenter Live, Rebecca Brand continually proves that you can cook anything with a clothing iron! She's had viral hits with Iron Cook: Fish Tacos, Cheese Quesadilla, and Crab Claws, and weekly she comes up with a crazy new idea, that nobody thinks she can cook with an iron...

Well she can, and she will!

In this crazy comedy romp, Rebecca hunts ducks, barfs on fish, and chases down piggies all in the pursuit of fun and food! 


The Rebecca Brand Dinner Party

In this exciting new comedy-reality show for Adult Swim, Rebecca Brand puts a new and hilarious twist on farm to table dinner parties.

Every episode of Rebecca Brand Dinner Party is an exciting look at how Rebecca, prepares for and has the craziest dinner parties you've ever seen!

But unlike any other farm to table show you've seen, Rebecca gets down and dirty at each of the farms, gathering eggs, chasing pigs, carrying rabbits, and doing anything and everything necessary to get inspiration for a fantastic meal!

Join Rebecca, her sons, and a cast of zany and interesting party guests, as we experience the amazing food, adorable animals, and laugh-out-loud comedy of Rebecca Brand Dinner Party!


Stupid Morning

Rebecca recently made the trip out to Turner Studios in Atlanta, Georgia during a series of media appearances, and her friends Sally and Jonothon on Stupid Morning invited her to guest star on their extremely entertaining morning show!

It was another fantastically, or stupidly, hilarious morning show (depending on who you ask), as Rebecca and Sally went to a...