Travel Show& Series

Rebecca Brand brings her travels to television and across all her social media platforms. She travels to exotic destinations like China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Switzerland, France and England. She shares her travel hacks and vacation tips with excellent entertainment.

Rebecca Brand goes Around the World in this new Travel show. Travel Around the World with Rebecca Brand, and watch this show weekly on Youtube and on TV with Around the World TV show with Arthur VonWeisenberger. In this video Rebecca shows previews of where she is going, and what she will cover on her new show.
Rebecca Brand travels to La Jolla, California, near San Diego tourist sites to visit and very cool places to go for travelers. There are fabulous beaches and wildlife, seal rookeries, the grotto, the beach walks, shopping, restaurants, amazing places to see and do. Hotels in La Jolla are great!
Rebecca Brand shows you Oaxaca Mexico with her top picks for sightseeing, restaurants, hotels, art, shopping, and what to do in Oaxaca Mexico. Touring Oaxaca has so much to visit while there! Come watch and see what I saw on this Mexican vacation to see art and eat great food and go shopping in the Mercado!
Rebecca Brands Travels to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She shows you her favorite restaurants and things do near the beach. She even eats Shrimp on a Stick! Enjoy watching Rebecca's Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip! Top 10 travel tips are great, but this is even a shorter weekender!
Rebeca Brand goes to Aspen Colorado for a touring and exploring and shows the Aspen Party Scene and some of the world famous parties of the rich and famous. Aspen Colorado is a tourist destination and besides Aspen skiing, there is a two week time in March with crazy parties.
Rebecca Brand goes to a Fit Farm for health and diet assistance. Rebecca visits a great spa phone number 805.646.5573 for a relaxing and healthy adventure in fitness! This Weight loss retreat was so rejuvenating, a great girls getaway destination, super for girl reunions too.
Follow Rebecca Brand on her stay-cation in Ventura! Ventura, a cute beach city in California, is fantastic for vacations, travel, or a day-trip. The bus system is easy, inexpensive, and connects to surrounding Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and more. Touring Ventura County is easy with the bus system, and just a $3 fare to Santa Barbara, California.