Custom Website & Amazon Videos

This video highlights the type of videography we create for companies wishing to create an Amazon or website video.  Rebecca Brand Productions hires actors and actresses to use and demonstrate these products within their own lifestyle, as these actors are examples of clients' end users of their product.  

Amazon & Website Videos

With Actors and Location Shooting

Instagram and Social Media Content Source

body wash 2.jpg

Charcoal Toothpaste - 90 Seconds

Body Wash - 6 Seconds

toothpaste 2.jpg

Aroma Diffuser - 60 Second

Social Media - 6 Seconds

body wash 3.jpg

Running Belt - 60 Seconds

Foot Spray - 6 Seconds

Amazon & Website Demonstration Videos



Jar Opener

Pressure Cooker

French Press

Travel Jacket


Multiple Video Packages

FULL PACKAGE OF 3 VIDEOS --  Youtube video, plus Website video, plus re edit for Amazon

First Video - YouTube Video

A full recipe or HOW TO, or Review video that is published on my Youtube channel.  This Gooey Creamy Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato is the published Youtube video.

Second Video - Website Video - In this case a demonstration of how to use.

The client placed this How To use this product video as an instructional video on their website.  This is a How to Use a Whetstone, so purchasers of the product would learn how to use it.  Rebecca can create a HOW TO INSTALL, HOW TO USE, Generic Website Video, about the company, and a custom script, for any type of variation of the original Youtube video.  This second video is created to be a derivative of the first to further exploit the footage and customize it for another purpose.

Third Video - Amazon Video

The for further use, a third video is created.  This is an example of a pure product video to sell to the Amazon audience by creating a video that is solely about the product.  Rebecca's voice discusses the features and benefits within this 1 minute 10 second limited video.  


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