FishCenter Live

FishCenter Live is a call-in talk show that airs both on Adult Swim's television network and online website. The show initially began as a joke, when "staffers simply pointed a camera at the aquarium full of tropical fish in the network's digital department." With its transition to television, FishCenter is quickly gaining a wider audience, and Rebecca Brand is regularly featured on the show during her Iron Cook segments, as their "Santa Barbara Correspondent." 



Iron Cook

In Iron Cook, which is a featured weekly segment on FishCenter Live, Rebecca Brand continually proves that you can cook anything with an clothing iron! She's had viral hits with Iron Cook: Fish Tacos, Cheese Quesadilla, and Crab Claws, and weekly she comes up with a crazy new idea, that nobody thinks she can cook with an iron...

Well she can and she will!

In this crazy comedy romp, Rebecca hunts ducks, barfs on fish, and chases down piggies all in the pursuit of fun and food! What will she do next!?


New Show Coming Soon on Adult Swim Digital!

In this exciting new comedy-reality show,