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Rebecca Brand Productions produces TV shows, Digital content and creates high definition videos for corporations and individuals.
For corporations, "Sizzle" Reels of your services, products, company can be very effective in bringing you business from new universes of people searching for what you offer.

Custom consulting on your business, as you describe what you need to best promote your services, assures you that the video we produce will get new accounts and customers. We reach new digital avenues with your company video that are not penetrable by website alone. 

Rebecca's background working for one of the largest advertising firms in the nation, as well as her MBA from Anderson/UCLA in marketing and entrepreneurship offers expertise as your video is created to best feature what you are selling. She knows how to present your unique selling proposition on video in an appealing and motivating way to get you sales. Her expertise in producing a vast array of projects offers a creativity and knowledge base to set your particular business apart from your competition.

The team of talented videographers, editors, graphic designers, and more bring a level of professional that is cutting edge in expertise.

Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. One of the features that sets us apart from any other production company anywhere is the commitment to start and finish your project quickly so you can get to those new sales quickly.

Let us put our experience to work for you and design a production to get you new clients, sales, customers, FAST!