Rebecca Brand

Rebecca Brand produces TV shows, digital videos for Youtube and other platforms, hosts shows, and markets her productions.  

 "I produce TV shows and digital productions in the Lifestyle Genre. Cooking, Beauty, Home,  Art, Dating, Travel, Corporate and Medical are my top subjects.   I also sell oil paintings, teach oil painting occasionally, market for myself and others, and more. I also market, brand, and sell video productions across all platforms: digital, broadcast, social, and direct mail. Some of my productions are my own, many are for clients in various industries. Specifically, I produce TV shows, Youtube channels, corporate videos, medical videos as well as produce corporate websites, and educational platforms on digital and television.

As an expert in developing successful Youtube channels, Rebecca Brand Recipes is a Youtube channel with 17.5 million views, over 90,000 subscribers, with 612 videos uploaded and gets an average of 390,000 views per month.  I developed Rebecca Brand Recipes in less than two years.  The show airs daily in Texas on TV,  and is also carried on many digital platforms such as, Sycbak/Dwidio, DailyMotion, Viaway, and more, about 14 different platforms. My television series has aired on ABC, and other channels. Commercials I have produced for clients in a wide range of trades and industry have aired across the nation.

The TV show Dinner Party Art Class aired 10 episodes on an ABC affiliate with high ratings.  Other shows have been developed including Recipe4LOVE, and Anything4LOVE, and more are currently airing or in development.

I am host, producer, director, and am chief editor for all productions assisted by a staff of talented people.


I was selected for Youtube's "Rising Star" program, The American Riviera Award for Woman Entrepreneur in 2013.  Other honors include Anderson Graduate School of Management winner "Moot Corp Competition", and "Outstanding Contribution Award" upon receiving my MBA. I have been featured in the Wall Street Journal for a company I started out of business school.

My educational background includes a B.A. from UCLA and an M.B.A. from Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.

Beyond productions I paint French impressionist style oil paintings and sell them to buyers around the world. My art can be seen on Time permitting, I also teach French impressionism oil painting in Santa Barbara.

COMPANIES:  Rebecca Brand Productions, Rebecca Brand Recipes,  Dinner Party Art Class, Rebecca Brand Oil Painting

Top TV Shows:  Rebecca Brand Dinner Party; Rebecca Brand Dinner Party Art Class, filmed in Santa Barbara, Reality Show

Youtube Channel:  Rebecca Brand Recipes

Art:   Oil paint artist in the French Impressionist style, paints commissions, shows at exhibits, and teach oil painting.